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In the bottom right of our portal, there is a chat icon which will allow you to submit a query or question. 

Our support team will reply within 24 hours.

Yes! We welcome improvements to our platform and value your feedback. To do so, click the chat icon at the bottom right of our portal to send us a message for consideration.

This will be reviewed by our Product team to see if it will be added to our Roadmap.

No - You are only allowed one Source connected via Marketplace Maximizer. Once your Source has been added, this cannot be changed.

Is depends on each channel. Normally we have a scheduler that checks for updates every 5-10 minutes and at this point we will then pass the relevant updates to the destination channels.

If a Source channel allows webhooks, we will integrate to subscribe to these in order to pull data in as real-time as possible.

Every channel has documentation by going to:

  • Channels from the left navigation.
  • Clicking on the tabs - Your Platform and Channels
  • Under each Channel click on the next to the Channel name.