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Depending on the Marketplace we either listen for a webhook to retrieve orders as they are created, otherwise we have schedulers to check for new orders every 10 minutes.

Check your Order Health Dashboard to see if there are any errors when creating the order into your Commerce platform.

A common reason include SKUs from orders not being valid in your Commerce platform.

When we receive an update from your Commerce platform for an order, by default it will try and publish to ALL Marketplaces.

Below are the steps to prevent this, so it only publishes to the original order source.

Tagging orders

  • Go to Orders and Rules from the left navigation.
  • Select the first Marketplace from the dropdown.
  • Click Add an Attribute and select Tags.
  • Add the name of the Marketplace (no spaces) and select Constant Value.
  • Repeat for all Marketplaces and Save

Publish Rules - Commerce platform

  • Go to Orders and Rules from the left navigation.
  • Select your Commerce platform from the dropdown.
  • Add an overwrite and select the first Marketplace.
  • Click Add Attribute for this Marketplace and select Publish
  • Select Add Condition
  • Select Tags from the dropdown. 
  • In the next box select Contains Text.
  • In the final box, type the tag used for this Marketplace.
  • Under Then select True.
  • Under Otherwise select False.
  • Save and repeat this for each Marketplace.