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If your Commerce platform supports webhooks then we will retrieve product updates as they change and update your connected Marketplaces straight away.

However normally we run on a scheduler that checks for new updates i.e. Stock changes every 10 minutes.

Depending on your Commerce platform, this is either done via a tag or custom field.

i.e. If we want to only publish certain products to eBay, we may setup a new custom field called eBay Publish.

If they value is yes then we want the product to publish to eBay.

We would then setup a rule as below:

  • Products -> Rules from the left navigation.
  • Select + Add overwrite under the Channel Overwrite header.
  • Select eBay and from the dropdown select Publish
  • Click Add Condition and click into the Type or Select box.
  • Click into Custom Features and type in the custom attribute i.e. ebay_publish
  • Click into Has a Value and type in equal and select Equals To
  • And then under the last input box type in yes
  • Under the Then header select True
  • Finally under Otherwise select False.

By default, your products will be put in a Pending state that allows you to completed the required Mapping and Rules before publishing them to the respective Marketplaces.

We recommend you approve a few products first by going into an individual product record and clicking Approve & Resync under the Destination section.

Once you are ready to approve all products go to:

  • Products -> Settings from the left navigation.
  • Select the Destinations tab.
  • Under the Marketplace you are ready to Approve click on Pending Approval.
  • Click Approve
  • Go back to the Product list.
  • Click Republish 
  • Tick the Marketplace and click Republish to sync all products.

You can sync an individual product or in bulk. Republishing is required when you update a Mapping or Rule.

Individual product 

  • Click into a product record.
  • On the top right there are two options:
    • Custom Republish - Allowing you to republish to one or many Marketplaces.
    • Republish All - Republish to all Marketplaces.

Bulk Republish

  • From the Products page, first setup any filters required to republish specific products.
  • Click Republish and select the Marketplaces you need to and click Republish.

At the moment, you are only able to map categories and attributes at a bulk level with Marketplace Maximizer.

If you are needing to update at a product level, you will need to create an attribute within your Commerce Channel to map.

We do however have this on our Roadmap to investigate in the near future.


This is normally a connectivity issue.

Please go to:

  • Products and Settings from the left navigation.
  • Make sure there is a Connected status and the Source is toggled to Active.
  • If the status is Not Connected then go back to Channels from the left navigation and retry the details required.