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Set Up Rules


This guide is to walk you through how you can setup Rules in order to enrich the Records sent to Destination Channels.

Standard Attribute Rules

This allows you to create rules to a standard attribute mapping. Some common rules include:
  • Defining a different Source attribute to the default i.e. A custom attribute is used for the title to a certain Marketplace and you do not want to use the standard title mapping.
  • Enrich attribute values i.e. Build a new title that includes both the title and brand from the Source channel.
  • Add stock buffers – This could be a fixed number, a percentage of stock and can even change between Marketplace channels.
  • Change pricing per Marketplace channels i.e. To factor in freight, fees or currency conversions.
  • Publishing Rules – Defining conditions on what products you want to publish to certain Marketplace channels i.e. By brand, by SKU, by keyword.
  • Search and replace – If you need to change a keyword to another keyword.

Channel Attribute Rules

This feature allows you to map to a specific destination attribute. Our recommendation is to review the Destination channel guides under:
  • Channels from the left navigation.
  • Clicking on the Channel tab.
  • Clicking the next to each channel added.
  • Reviewing the Destination Rules section, to see what attributes we recommend reviewing.
Finally within each guide is a link to the API documentation that you should also review if any issues arise when publishing products, as you can add attributes that we may not have been listed. Some examples of Channel Attribute rules might include:
  • Country of Origin.
  • Delivery Time.
  • Shipping Cost per product or custom shipping schemas.
  • Dimension units and values.
  • Vendor Codes.
To get an understanding of the rules required to be setup, follow the below steps:
  • Go to Products from the left navigation.
  • Click into any product.
  • Under Destinations click on the date under Channel Request
  • Here you will see all the attributes and values we are going to send to the channel.
  • This will allow you to compare against the channel documentation, to see if any required information is missing or if values need to change.
Now you have an idea of the attributes we are sending to the Destination channel, follow the steps below to set up Channel Rules:
  • Click Products and Rules from the left navigation.
  • Select the Channel Attributes tab.
  • From the dropdown, select the Marketplace channel you want to create a rule for.
  • Click Create to select the attribute you want to create a rule for.
  • Some common destination rules may include:
    • Mapping attributes i.e Default country of origin, unit of measure, dispatch country, shipping cost.
    • Non default mapping i.e. Custom attribute used for title, description, price.
    • Add a non-mapping attribute to the Destination payload.

Order Rules