One platform to connect to multiple Marketplaces

Sync your products, stock, orders and order updates between your Source Channel and Marketplace(s).

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Marketplace Mapper

List your products for the first time

Streamline the mapping of categories and attributes to effortlessly list your products on any Marketplace you sell on with a single, efficient process.

  • Map categories
  • Map attributes
  • Show accepted values
  • Preview listing before approval
  • Bulk mapping via CSV
  • Set default values
Rules Builder

Flexibility to config to your needs

Customize your product listings and workflows according to your preferences for each Marketplace, ensuring flexibility without any impact on your eCommerce listings.

  • Append, add, default, search & replace.
  • Edit without changing source.
  • Rules per Marketplace.
  • Conditional rules
  • Preview rules before publishing.
  • Prioritize rules
Health Dashboard

Know where you stand

Transparency to showcase your performance across each Marketplace, with key actions to remove errors.

  • Show % products synced.
  • Categorized errors + actions required.
  • Order count + GMV summary.
  • Separate dashboard per Marketplace
  • Open orders by status

Other Features

We store every payload received and sent between source and destination Marketplace channels, across products and orders for up to 2 years.

Whenever we receive a change from your source channel we log this and how this affected what we updated to your destination Marketplaces.

Filter the data how you need it, with the ability to export the records in multiple file formats including CSV.

Products are only sent to Marketplaces once you have enriched your listings with mappings and rules. Full control to ensure listings are created first time.

Get an idea of how your products will look on each Marketplace based on the mappings completed, allowing for updates before publishing them.

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