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Onboarding Guide


Below are articles to key steps when onboarding on to the Marketplace Maximizer platform.

Each step is a requirement to be followed in a sequential order, so please take the time to review each step before proceeding to the next.


Please follow the below steps to signup:


Please ensure you review the below before starting your onboarding process on the Marketplace Maximizer platform.

Product Identifier

If you have existing products on Destination channels, please ensure these match the SKU from the Source product channel. If these are not the same then this will cause:

  • Product duplications as there is no identifier to update, so the channel thinks it is a new product.
  • Stock will not update for the existing products which do not have an identifier in the Destination channel.
  • Order creation failures as the product ordered does not match a product in your Source channel.

We recommend that you export all products from your Source channel and export all products from your Destination channel(s) and do a comparison to see if all products from the Destination channel match to an SKU in the Source channel.

If there is no match, then either remove the product or update the SKU to match a Source channel SKU.

Product Publishing Tags

If you have Destination channels where products cannot be created automatically or there are restrictions on the value of inventory then we recommend defining a tag or custom attribute to create a publishing rule.

This will prevent errors later when syncing products to these destination channels.

Informing Channels

If you already are selling on a channel, it is important to let them know you are moving to Marketplace Maximizer before resyncing products. It may require a configuration change at their end and ensure you follow their steps before approving products.

Onboarding Steps

It is important that each step is reviewed and followed:

  1. Add Channels
  2. Configure Settings
  3. Complete Product Mapping
  4. Setting up Rules
  5. Review, Approve and Monitor