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An online auction and shopping website in which people and businesses buy and sell a wide variety of goods and services worldwide.

About Marketplace Maximizer

Marketplace Maximizer is a Connector App that unleashes the potential of Commerce Platforms, driving Multi-Channel Growth all from one platform. Connect to eBay or many other Marketplace integrations to sync products, stock, orders and order updates between Marketplace(s) and Commerce Platforms.  Check out our full features for more information.

API Documentation



oAuth Link to login to eBay Seller account to approve.

Sync Types Supported

  • Products/stock – From Source channel to eBay.
  • Orders – From eBay to Source channel for fulfilment.
  • Order updates – From Source channel to eBay i.e. Tracking and carrier details.

Product Mapping requirements

  • Category Mapping
  • Category Attribute mapping – Different attributes per eBay category selected.

Attribute considerations – Rules

Cresco Attributes

  • Publish Rules – If you do not want to publish all products from the Source to eBay.
  • Stock Buffers – Define if you want to add a buffer to the stock sent, based on what is received from the Source channel.
  • Price changes – Change the price from the Source channel before selling on eBay.
  • Title / Description Mapping – Mapping key attributes to a custom field instead of using the default values.

Destination Attributes

  • Fulfilment Time Unit – Unit to define how long an product will take to fulfill i.e. DAY
  • Fulfilment Time Value – Fulfilment number based on unit used i.e. 2
  • Weight Unit – Unit to define weight of products i.e. KILOGRAM
  • Weight Value – Weight based on unit used i.e. 0.5

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